Harish Soni: Mascot of the Youth

Harish Soni

Harish Soni(born on 11 April 2000) is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who begins his day when the world is still asleep. He has cracked the formula of success that primarily involves consistent hard work and avant-garde thinking. Harish Soni is committed to providing superior digital marketing services and creating websites. He is now successful with his website known as Heytech.in. 

Taking no break from his college, one of his websites is Silveradda.com which is silver jewelry e-commerce. He believes very few people know that one can sell jewelry online and he makes the most of the digital platform for the same. Harish Soni has managed to earn enough in the first few stages of his career to buy himself a five-gear bike. He developed SILVERADDA in just 20 days while pursuing his graduation though.  At the age of 20, Harish earned 10,000 off the internet and started another company named WORLDGATI which is a packers and movers company. This company does work in providing household shifting, car and bike transportation, loading and unloading, and office relocation. It caters to 100+ customers and provides for packers and movers. 

Harish Soni is today a well-established and self-taught web developer, constantly striving for growth with his team of web designers, developers, social engine specialists, and social media marketers to build and promote his websites. Harish Soni sacrifices a lot that other individuals of his age seem to enjoy.