Harish Soni

Harish Soni is a 21-year-old Indian entrepreneur, investor. He started off as one of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs and is best known as the founder of SILVERADDA, HEYTECH, and WORLDGATI. He is currently pursuing his B.tech in the IT field from LPU.

Harish Soni makes money online by making money online. Providing digital marketing services to businesses that need assistance for online shopping. He provides such good work through his website named Heytech.in .

He has a tie-up with BizzBig company in the US. Currently, he is working on his tie-up with abroad companies to enhance his business all over the world. 

Taking no break from his college, one of his websites is Silveradda.com which is silver jewellery e-commerce. He believes very few people know that one can sell jewellery online. Harish soni makes the most of the digital platform for the same. He has managed to earn enough in the first few stages of his career to buy himself a five-gear bike.

Harish Soni started his profession in web designing in 2019 while pursuing his graduation in the IT department And his interest developed in this field is from his elder brother Ramanand Soni’s in computer programming.

He developed his first website silveradda.com in just 20 days while pursuing his graduation though. This website indulges with complete silver jewelry and also renders, and proffer their product all over India and working on expanding their business all over India.